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How to?

Pole Float Shotting Chart
4x10  -  0.1g - 1xNo8 Shot & 2x No10

4x12  -  0.2g - 3xNo8 Shot & 2xNo10

4x14  -  0.4g - 5xNo8 Shot & 3xNo10

4x16  - 0.58g - 8xNo8 Shot & 2xNo10

4x18  - 0.75g - .5g Olivette & 3No8 & 3No10

4x20  -   1g   - .8g Olivette & 2No8 & 1No10  

***  Shotting could be 1 no10 out depending on personal choice.
Bait Making
1. Crack 4 Eggs into a bowl & Mix.

2. Add desired Volumes of Flavours, Sweetners & Colourings too the eggs.

3. Mix in Base Mix to the eggs a little ata a time (4 Eggs will do approx' 1Lb of Base mix)

4. When required consistency is acheived (not too wet nor dry), role into a ball.   (The optimum consistency and texture is fund with experience)

5. Put into a plastic bag & Leave to stand for 1/2 Hour.

6. Role into sausages:
by use of a sausage rolling table.
or by a sausage gun.
or by hand.

7. Laying 2 Sausages onto your Rolling Table (desred size -mm), spaced.

8. Run the top part of the Rolling table back & forth 5 or 6 times and remove the perfectly formed boillies.

9.  Repeat & Collect all the rolled baits.

10. Put the baits into a boiling pan of water and Boil for 1-2 Minutes (depending upon texture required)

11.  Remove baits using a Sieve & lay-out on a kitchen towel(removes excess water)

12.  Baits need to be laid out for approx' 12hours to dry - or kept in air dry bag.

13.  The baits are now ready to use or split down into smaller bags for Freezing.


1st attempt : try a 1 egg mix = split measures by 4.

Practice makes perfect*If the bait cracks when rolling, there is usually not enough oil in the mix. 

*If the baits stick together under rolling then there is too much oil. Countering should improve success.
Sweetners are used 1 - 2ml to take away the bitterness often left during the mixing of ingredients and the preperation stages.

By sticking to flavour levels of between 2 - 6ml per 4 egg mix, should give the desired results (2ml for a bait on a campaign & 6ml+ for an instant one hit wonder).

!!!! The more intense the bait the more weary some fish may be of it !!!!
Venues and Tactics
Advice on venues and tactics will be entered here as soon as we get chance: