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Preston Powerline 100m


REFLO lines from Preston Innovations are some of the most technologically advanced lines available and have been designed and selected especially for angling in the UK and Europe. As you would expect, all our lines are tested for maximum performance and reliability. REFLO Power is perfect for hooklength and pole rig line. Available in heavier sizes of 0.24mm and 0.26mm to suit modern match methods and fish sizes. REFLO Power is exceptionally strong, supple and clear. Designed with built-in stretch also makes it an excellent line for pole rigs.  It’s the UK’s leading selling hooklength line and is also perfect for rigs which is why we sell it on 100m spools. All things considered REFLO® Power™ offers the perfect compromise between strength, diameter and toughness.
PL/05 0.05mm 0.297kg/10oz PL/06 0.06mm 0.374kg/12oz PL/07 0.07mm 0.434kg/1lb PL/08 0.08mm 0.812kg/1lb 12oz PL/09 0.09mm 0.967kg/2lb 2oz PL/10 0.10mm 1.205kg/2lb 10oz PL/11 0.11mm 1.521kg/3lb 6oz PL/13 0.13mm 2.136kg/4lb 12oz PL/15 0.15mm 2.683kg/5lb 14oz PL/17 0.17mm 3.088kg/6lb 12oz PL/19 0.19mm 3.355kg/7lb 6oz PL/21 0.21mm 4.062kg/8lb 15oz PL/24 0.24mm 5kg/11lb PL/26 0.26mm 5.7kg/12lb 5oz

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