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Drennan Supplex Flourocarbon 50m


Supplex Fluorocarbon is available in no less than 12 accurate diameters and breaking strains, from 0.075mm (0.9lb) right up to 0.30mm (10lb).
In clear water and when bites are at a premium, Supplex Fluorocarbon can make all the difference!  The range:  0.075mm — 0.9lb  0.095mm — 1.3lb  0.105mm — 1.7lb  0.12mm — 2.0lb  0.13mm — 2.6lb  0.15mm — 3.3lb  0.17mm — 4.4lb  0.19mm — 5.0lb  0.20mm — 5.6lb  0.22mm — 6.4lb  0.25mm — 8.0lb  0.30mm — 10.0lb

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